How to send your documents

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - sending your documents

Our offices are closed at the moment so please don't post your documents to us. Send them by email to

Uploading your documents

Before you submit your application, you'll be able to upload copies of documents for us to assess. There will be instructions to follow on-screen and once we have the documents, we will let you know if we need any further evidence. 

You can submit your application without uploading any evidence and we'll email you with a full list of the documents we need to see. 

Please note that we must receive wither the original document or an electronic copy sent directly from the issuer or signatory before we are able to grant your application.  

Sending documents to us

If you don't upload copies of your documents before you submit your application, you can send these to

Documents sent electronically by the issuer 

Where we receive a document electronically directly from the issuer or signatory, we do not need to see the original. Please note that this must be sent from a professional email address; we cannot accept evidence sent from publicly available domains e.g. Googlemail, Yahoo, Hotmail. Where no professional email address is available, we will need to see the original document before your application is granted.

What happens after I’ve sent my documents?

Once we get your documents, we’ll make a full assessment of your application. We’ll contact you if we need more evidence or information to support your application.