We seek your views to make sure our policies are well informed and meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients in the UK.

We consult on a wide range of topics, like developing guidance, changing our rules or reforming our procedures.

Open consultations

There are no open consultations.

Closed consultations

We recently carried out the following consultations, which are now closed. Thank you to those who gave us feedback to inform our work in these areas.

Regulating anaesthesia associates and physician associates: consultation on our proposed rules, standards and guidance

From 26 March to 20 May, we ran a public consultation on the rules, standards and guidance that will implement the legislation introducing the regulation of physician associates and anaesthesia associates. Find out more about the consultation.

Good medical practice review

Published 21 July 2022

From 27 April to 20 July 2022 we ran a public consultation on the updated Good medical practice, our guidance on the standards of care and professional behaviour we expect from all medical professionals registered with us.

Thanks to everyone who shared their views on an updated draft of the guidance.

Remote consultations and prescribing by telephone, video-link or online: Call for evidence

Published 28 February 2020

The call for evidence is now closed.

Thanks to those individuals and organisations who responded or engaged with us. We had asked for views on remote consultations and prescribing via telephone, video-link or online. This will help us decide if we need to change our professional advice on remote consultations and prescribing. It ran from 26 November 2019 to 25 February 2020.

Consultation on changes to our revalidation requirements for patient feedback

Published 17 November 2019

We ran a public consultation on some proposed changes to how doctors collect and reflect on patient feedback as part of their revalidation from 30 April to 23 July 2019.

The findings and outcomes of the patient feedback consultation are published here.

Please contact our patient feedback review team at if you have any questions about the review.