Summary of the consultation on changes to patient feedback requirements for revalidation

We know that feedback from patients provides a unique and important perspective on the delivery of care. But we also know there can be issues with the current feedback process.

We began work in 2018 to revise our patient feedback requirements for revalidation. Our aim was to increase the value of the feedback for doctors’ professional development and to make it easier for patients to take part.

This is the summary of our findings and changes we’ve made to our guidance in response. You can also read the full report.

Publication was originally planned for March 2020 but was delayed due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We know that the pandemic has created new and ongoing challenges for many doctors who are often working in pressured environments. We understand the increase in remote consultations and other changes to the way we deliver care may make collecting feedback difficult or impossible at the moment, and we have built flexibilities into revalidation to recognise this.

When was the consultation?
From 30 April to 23 July 2019, we consulted on some changes to our patient feedback requirements for revalidation. 
Why read this?
These pages tell you about how people responded to the consultation and how this informed the changes we’ve made to our guidance.