GMC associates

Besides our permanent staff, we also appoint over 1,000 associates. 

Our associates have both medical and non-medical backgrounds. They support us to deliver our key roles – we wouldn't be able to fulfil our duties without their expertise.

As part of their role, GMC associates may:

  • take part in panels – such as our Registration and Registrations Appeal panel, and Investigation Committee panel, PLAB panels and our Tests of Competence and Revalidation assessments panel
  • join our quality assurance visits – to check the work of medical schools, deaneries, health authority local offices and education providers
  • work as performance and health assessors – when there are concerns about a doctor’s ability to practise safely due to performance or ill-health
  • examine candidates taking the objective structured clinical examination as part of the PLAB part 2 test, or help develop our assessment material
  • give advice – to support our regulatory functions.

We also support the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) to appoint tribunal members, tribunal chairs or legally qualified chairs and legal assessors. Find out more about associate roles at the MPTS.

Interested in becoming an associate?

Search for associate opportunities on our recruitment website.

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