Our governance framework shapes how we work. From our strategic aims set by Council, to operational management by our Executive Board, through to our engagement with key advisory bodies. Find out more about our governance here.

Our governance framework and governance handbook
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GMC Chief Executive Charlie Massey leads a council meeting


Council is our governing body. It sets our strategy and goals. You can see who sits on our Council and what they've been discussing in our guide.

Our guide to Council

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Executive Board

Our Executive Board leads our day-to-day work in line with our statutory purpose. It puts into action the strategic aims, business plan, policies and schedule of delegated authority agreed by Council. Use our guide below to find out more about our Executive Board and about its work.

Our guide to the Executive Board

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Advisory Boards

We engage with forums, groups and boards across the UK to understand how people experience our regulation on the ground. You can see who we engage with and what we've been discussing in our guide.

Our guide to advisory boards

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