Council and Co-opted members

Who sits on the Council?

Council is made up of six medical professionals and six lay (non-medical) members.

  • Dame Clare Marx (GMC Ref No: 2387293): Chair of Council and registrant member, England
  • Mr Steven Burnett: Lay member, Wales
  • Dr Vanessa Davies: Lay member, Scotland
  • Ms Lara Fielden: Lay member, England
  • Professor Anthony Harnden (GMC Ref No: 2807869): Registrant member, England
  • Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: Lay member, England
  • Professor Paul Knight OBE (GMC Ref No: 2343239): Registrant member, Scotland
  • Dame Carrie MacEwen (GMC Ref No: 2553610): Registrant member, Scotland
  • Professor Deepa Mann-Kler: Lay member, Northern Ireland
  • Dr Raj Patel MBE (GMC Ref no: 3103487): Registrant member, England
  • Dr Suzanne Shale: Lay member, England
  • Miss Alison Wright (GMC Ref No: 3498288): Registrant member, England

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Who are our Co-opted members?

We have two external Co-opted members who sit on our Committees.

  • Kenneth Gill - Audit and Risk Committee
  • Jon Hayes - Audit and Risk Committee

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