Student professionalism and fitness to practise

Being a medical student means joining a trusted profession. A profession which requires a high standard of behaviour at all times. This content has been created to help you - the medical student - meet those standards, and help your medical school provide a consistent, supporting environment.

Guidance for medical students

Achieving good medical

Cover of achieving good medical practise

This guidance outlines the standards expected of you – both inside and outside medical school – and shows how the principles and values of Good medical practice apply to you as a student.

Achieving good medical practice

Guidance for medical schools

Professional behaviour and
fitness to practise

Cover of professional behaviour and fitness to practise

This document gives guidance to medical schools and educators on managing processes for professionalism concerns and fitness to practise. Medical students may also find this guidance useful, to understand how their institution deals with these issues

Professional behaviour and fitness to practise

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