Who we work with

Effective collaboration with other actors in UK healthcare systems is key to our work.

We say systems in the plural, because health policies and structures vary across the UK.

We have offices in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Through them we build and maintain relationships with relevant organisations and politicians. This helps us be clear on the differences between the UK’s healthcare systems. It also means we hear the views of key interest groups and regulatory and improvement bodies. Together, this helps us develop relevant policy and guidance.

We collaborate in particular on legislation, policy, harm reduction and data sharing. But we also work with our partners to support and promote patient safety and good medical practice more generally. 

We also have a range of memoranda of understanding with other organisations to support our collaboration work.

Our work around the UK

Our responses to consultations

We're often asked for our views on a variety of proposals that affect doctors, professional regulation and the UK’s healthcare systems. We respond to consultations on a regular basis.

View our responses to consultations over the past twelve months.

Health and social care regulators

Who regulates health and social care professionals?

International networks 

We’re also active across European and international networks. This helps share regulatory standards and good practice across borders. 

We're a participant or a member of:

  • European Network of Competent Medical Authorities 
  • Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders
  • European Council of Medical Orders
  • Standing Committee of European Doctors
  • International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities. 

We also provide advisory services to other regulators worldwide