Our partners in Scotland

In Scotland, we work with partners to: 

  • raise awareness of our role and functions 
  • develop our policy and guidance
  • give advice on changes in medical regulation, including to the Scottish Parliament and Government
  • support doctors, medical students and patients with outreach programmes
  • share data and insight to prevent patient safety issues.

Together we make sure medical regulation works for Scotland. This is vital as health policies and services diverge across the four countries of the UK.

Who do we work with in Scotland?

Among others, we work with:

Our liaison advisers work with doctors, patients, medical students and medical educators in Scotland to promote our standards and improve collaboration and mutual understanding.

Our employer liaison service works closely with healthcare providers in Scotland, including the NHS and independent providers, to support responsible officers, medical directors and medical managers in their work.

UK Advisory Forum

One way we meet and consult with our partners is through the UK Advisory Forum. The forum allows us to focus on longer term priorities and discuss early stage views on policy development. Find out what the Forum has discussed in Scotland.

How does healthcare work in Scotland?

Scottish healthcare policy, funding and objectives are set by the Scottish Government. 14 territorial National Health Service (NHS) boards supply health services. They are supported by seven special boards, which provide national services. These include NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS). HIS lead the scrutiny and public assurance of health services in Scotland. 

There are also 31 integration authorities which provide health and social care at a local level.

Contact us

To contact us, email gmcscotland@gmc-uk.org.