Our values

We have five core organisational values underpinning everything we do.

  • Integrity – We are honest and share what we see. We listen to our partners, but remain independent.
  • Excellence – We are a learning organisation, committed to achieving high standards.
  • Collaboration – We work with others to support safe, high-quality care.
  • Fairness – We respect people and treat them without prejudice.
  • Transparency – We are open and account for our actions.

These values form the basis on which we operate. We want every decision we make, every interaction we have and every email we write to embody these values. We regularly evaluate how we think we are living up to these values, and seek the views of others on how they think we are doing.

See our Corporate strategy for more information on our mission, our vision and our plans for the coming years. These values form the basis on which we operate.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We aim to embed sustainability, social impact and ethics in everything we do. 

Read about Corporate social responsibility