We set the standards for providers of medical education and training, and we regularly check to make sure those standards are met. Here you'll find the standards, guidance and curricula we publish along with supporting materials. 

National training surveys
The National Training Survey is now closed, we are collating the results and will report on them later in the year. The results will be used to help us make sure doctors in training receive high quality training in safe, effective clinical environments and trainers are well supported in their role.

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Our standards, guidance and curricula

We set the standards and outcomes for medical education and training in the UK. We regulate all stages of doctors' training and professional development.

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How we quality assure

We're responsible for assuring the quality of education and training, identifying areas of good practice as well as where our standards are not being met.

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Reports and reviews

We collect annual reports from medical schools and postgraduate bodies. We also collect data from visits, surveys and other sources. We use this to identify trends, concerns and examples of good practice.

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How to become a doctor
From education and work experience to funding and support, find out what's involved in becoming a practising UK doctor.