This ethical hub topic shows ways in which our professional standards can be applied in this area of care and signposts to relevant resources. It does not set new professional standards and is not intended to replace the formal guidance. Page last reviewed: 30 January 2024.

Racism in the workplace 

Everyone has the right to come to work without fear of racism. We recognise the unacceptably high levels of racism directed toward staff in healthcare settings and support a zero-tolerance approach to racism.

This resource provides advice on how our guidance principles on non-discrimination apply when tackling racism. Where racist behaviour occurs among colleagues and patients, we recognise the fear that many doctors have of reporting these incidents. We’ve signposted to a range of support channels and highlighted the duties we expect of doctors in senior positions in tackling and rooting out discrimination where it arises. This page includes case studies from doctors and others on their experiences, advice and best practice.

This advice – and the accompanying principles from our guidance – can be applied when tackling any form of discrimination