This ethical hub topic shows how our professional standards can be applied and signposts to relevant resources. It does not set new professional standards and is not intended to replace the formal guidance. Page last reviewed: 30 January 2024.

Social media advice

Explore how to apply our social media guidance in practice. This advice has been developed with input from doctors and medical representative bodies. 

Doctors use social media for a variety of reasons. Some use it to connect with family and friends and others to support their professional development. The benefits of using social media can include engaging the wider public in discussions about health policy, widening your professional network and facilitating patients’ access to information about health and the services available to them.

As social media evolves and becomes more advanced, we all need to build knowledge to navigate life online. This learning process needs to be carried out by everyone – including us as a regulator.

These pages will be updated and developed where new and frequent issues arise to make sure they are as helpful as possible.