How to raise a concern with us

If your concern is something we can consider, there are several ways you can raise it with us. Choose the way that suits you best and that you feel most comfortable with.

Complete our online form

The quickest and easiest way for most people to raise a concern with us will be to complete our online form.

Speak to an adviser

You can speak to one of our contact centre advisers on 0161 923 6602 if you:

  • have a disability and would like assistance raising your concern
  • would like to request a hard copy of our concerns form (or email

The information we'll need from you

When you raise a concern, it’s important that you send us everything from the list below as early as possible. This information will help us to decide whether we can investigate. We’ll need:

  • the doctor’s name and work address
  • the doctor’s GMC reference number – you can find this on our medical register, or you can call our contact centre for assistance
  • an explanation of your concern, including the date(s) when the incident(s) happened
  • copies of any supporting information, such as any letter or emails you’ve sent to the relevant organisation, NHS trusts or health boards about your concern
  • the names and addresses of anyone else who witnessed or was involved in the incident.

If we’re not able to make a decision using the information you’ve provided, we’ll let you know why. We may ask you for additional information that would help us to consider your concerns further. 

Further support