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What happens if we investigate your concern

While we’re investigating your concern, we’ll keep you up to date with what we’re doing. At the beginning of the investigation, our Patient Liaison Service will offer to meet with you to discuss what will happen next and answer any questions.

Your investigation officer will also be on hand throughout the process, and will be in touch every eight weeks to keep you informed of the progress with the investigation.

If we think that the doctor you’ve raised a concern about may continue to pose a risk to patients or the public while we investigate, we can ask the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) to temporarily limit or suspend the doctor’s practice.

What happens when we've finished our investigation

Once our investigation is complete, we’ll do one of the following: 

Decide no further action is requiredIn some cases, we’ll decide we don’t need to take any action against a doctor. This will only happen when we feel the doctor has made a great effort to make sure they won’t make the mistake again and they don’t pose a risk to patient safety. 

Issue a warning to the doctorThis is when we agree that a doctor’s behaviour or actions fall below the standard we expect of them, but restricting their practice isn’t necessary. 

Agree undertakingsIn this case we’ll ask the doctor to sign up to an agreement to improve the way they work. This may include carrying out specific training or working under supervision. 

Refer them to a tribunalWe can ask the MPTS to carry out a hearing to decide whether to restrict or remove a doctor’s right to practise in the UK.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll always let you know about our decisions and offer you the chance to talk through next steps or any questions you may have.

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