Guidance and resources for doctors and all those involved in supporting revalidation.

How to revalidate

Our guidance to help doctors through revalidation. If you're not sure about your connection,
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Revalidation for doctors

Step by step guidance for doctors who need to revalidate, based on your current circumstances.

Future revalidation for AAs and PAs

Information on how revalidation will work for AAs and PAs will be available once regulation begins.

Guidance for those supporting in revalidation

Our guidance and resources for all people and organisations who support doctors to revalidate. This includes responsible officers, suitable persons, and their teams, as well as designated bodies, employers and contracting bodies.

Revalidation resources

We've handpicked these revalidation resources based on our most viewed guidance areas.

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What is revalidation?

Get an overview of revalidation and understand the main roles and processes involved.