Coronavirus (COVID-19) - update on revalidation for doctors

In April 2021 we began routinely contacting doctors to give them four months’ notice of their revalidation submission dates. The earliest date these doctors will need to revalidate is August 2021. 

As our health services move towards recovery, we understand the challenges the profession is still under. Our approach to revalidation continues to provide doctors and responsible officers with maximum flexibility to meet local needs.

Read more about this and other key information about revalidation in the months ahead.


Every licensed doctor who practises medicine must revalidate. Revalidation supports you to develop your practice, drives improvements in clinical governance and gives your patients confidence that you're up to date. This page provides step by step guidance and resources to support doctors in revalidation.

Patients and members of the public can also find out about their role in revalidation.


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Find your revalidation connection

You can use this tool to find your revalidation connection type. You will be directed to step by step information on how to revalidate based on the answers you give.

How to revalidate

Understand your responsibilities in relation to revalidation.
Understand your responsibilities in relation to revalidation.
Understand what revalidation is and how you can get involved.

Useful links

How we monitor and evaluate revalidation

Learn about the work we do to monitor revalidation and its impact.

How we manage and respond to revalidation concerns

How we respond to concerns about the reliability of revalidation recommendations.

Guidance for decision makers

Understand the decisions our staff make about your revalidation.

A–Z of designated bodies

Find the full list and contact details for all designated bodies in the UK.

GMC Data Explorer

Use this tool to explore and export our data on revalidation. 

Contact us

If you have any further queries about revalidation, you can call us: 0161 923 6277 or you can email us