Revalidation for doctors

Every licensed doctor must revalidate. The guidance below will guide you through the process of revalidation.

How to revalidate

The way you revalidate will depend on your revalidation connection type. If you're not sure about
your connection, you should use our connection tool.

Tips for specific points in your career cycle

Revalidation guidance for common questions and specific points in your career cycle. This includes tips for doctors who are new to UK practice – or considering retirement, working overseas, or a break in practise.

Useful links

Guidance for doctors: your requirements for revalidation

Understand what you need to do to revalidate, and how the recommendation and decision about you are made.

Guidance on supporting information for revalidation

Understand our requirements for collecting, reflecting on and discussing your supporting information at annual appraisal.

A-Z of designated bodies

Find the full list and contact details for the responsible officer at each designated body.

Glossary of revalidation terms

Understand the terminology used around revalidation.