Manage your registration

Registered doctors must maintain their registration and keep their information up to date. Read our guides about what to do and how to update your registration details online.
How to manage and maintain your registration

Your GMC Online account

You can manage many aspects of your registration quickly and easily online. If you can't access your GMC Online account or do not how to use it, please see our support guide.

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Get help with what steps you need to take to revalidate and maintain your registration.

More about your revalidation

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Pay your annual retention fee using GMC Online or find out more about our registration fees.
Find out what steps you can take to appeal a registration decision.
Request certificate of good standing and proof of entry onto the register using GMC Online.

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Give up your licence or registration

Get advice on whether to give up your licence or registration and the steps to take next.

Find out how to give up your licence or registration

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