Recent appeal decisions

In some cases, we’ll need to decide whether or not to appeal a decision of the medical practitioners tribunal. If a decision is made we’ll publish it here.

If we:

  • don't appeal, we'll show the decision for three months
  • do appeal, we'll show the decision until 28 days after the appeal has concluded.

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March 2020

Dr Anthony Carmine Donadio, GMC Reference 4653770, 20 March (Published 29 April 2020)

February 2020

Dr Azubuike Udoye, GMC Reference 6094869, 26 February (Published 25 March 2020)

Dr Louise Armstrong, GMC Reference 4632658, 11 February 2020 (Published 11 March 2020)

November 2019

Dr Raied Haris, GMC Reference 7017372, 29 November 2019 (Publication date: 08 January 2020)