Our partners in Wales

In Wales, we work with partners to: 

  • raise awareness of our role and functions 
  • develop our policy and guidance
  • give advice on changes in medical regulation, including to the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government
  • support doctors, medical students and patients with outreach programmes
  • share data and insight to prevent patient safety issues.

Who do we work with in Wales?

We work in partnership with: 

Together, we protect patients and improve medical education, training and practice. 

We also engage with organisations representing doctors, including:

As the health policies, services and structures of the four UK countries undergo increasing divergence, partnership with such organisations ensures medical regulation works for Wales.

Our liaison advisers work with doctors, patients, medical students and healthcare providers to promote our work, focusing on standards, fitness to practise and revalidation.

UK Advisory Forum

We meet and consult formally with our partners through the UK Advisory Forum. This allows us to focus on longer term priorities and discuss early stage views on policy development. Find what the Forum has been discussing in Wales.

How does healthcare work in Wales?

Welsh healthcare policy, funding and objectives are set by the Welsh Government.

There are seven local health boards across Wales. They deliver primary, secondary, community and specialist services. 

Three NHS trusts have a national remit for specific services. For example, Velindre NHS Trust offers specialist services in cancer care. 

22 local authorities in Wales are responsible for social care – working closely with health services.

Health boards and local authorities have a statutory requirement to enter into formal partnership arrangements. This includes pooled budgets to improve patient health and social care. Public service boards produce integrated plans for health and social care in each local authority area. 

Contact us

To contact us email gmcwales@gmc-uk.org.