Salaries and expenses

Senior managers salaries

We publish annual salaries based on the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.

Name Position  Salary
Charlie Massey Chief Executive and Registrar  £255,000 - £260,000
Anthony Omo Director of Fitness to Practise  £205,000 - £210,000
Una Lane Director of Registration and Revalidation  £205,000 - £210,000
Neil Roberts Director of Resources and Quality Assurance  £205,000 - £210,000
Shaun Gallagher Director of Strategy and Policy  £205,000 - £210,000
Colin Melville Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards  £205,000 - £210,000
Paul Reynolds Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement  £205,000 - £210,000

Salaries correct as of 1 April 2022.


You can see our senior management team expenses below.

2021 expenses - Quarter 1-4

2020 expenses - Quarter 1-4

2019 expenses - Quarter 1-4

2018 expenses - Quarter 1-4 

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What's our expenses policy for Executive Board members?

The same rules apply as for all GMC. View our expenses policy for staff.

Why do expenses vary between individuals?

Any variation in expenses claimed by individuals reflects their different roles. For example, some Council members have extra responsibilities like chairing boards, committees and working groups.

Expenses also vary because Council members and members of the Senior Management team live in different parts of the UK. They must travel around the UK for GMC business, including to our offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, and occasionally outside the UK. 

Adjustments are also made for those with disabilities, which may mean that additional expenses are incurred for travel and accommodation according to specific needs.