Applying to restore your registration or licence if you’ve held temporary emergency registration 

If you were granted temporary emergency registration in response to the pandemic, please read our online guide about how to submit your application. The process may be different depending on if you've used your temporary emergency registration or not.  

I want to apply for or restore my licence to practise

If you want to practise medicine in the UK you must hold registration with a licence to practise.

If you need to restore your licence to practice, or you need to apply for a licence to practice for the first time. 

This guide will tell you what you need to consider and the evidence we'll need to process an application for a licence to practise. 

Why read this guide?
To find out how to restore or apply for a licence. 
Next steps
Once you are ready to restore or apply for your licence, you can do so through GMC Online or contact us if you currently hold temporary registration.