Get an explanation of what happened with your care, or an apology from those involved

If you have a concern about patient safety or the quality of care in Scotland, there are a number of organisations who can help. In most cases raising your concern locally, where you received your care, is the best place to start.

We would encourage speaking with your doctor about your concerns if you feel comfortable to do so. They will be able to discuss your care and provide an explanation about what happened to you.

They may also provide an apology and outline the steps they will take to make improvements to their service.

Raise a concern about your GP

Most GP practices have their own complaints procedures. If you’d like to raise a concern, please contact the practice or shop manager in the first instance.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can contact the complaints and feedback team at your local health board for advice. Please see NHS Inform for contact information and further help.

Raise a concern about your treatment at a hospital or local service

If you’re unhappy with the NHS care or treatment you've received, you have a right to complain using the NHS complaints procedure.

To make a complaint, contact the feedback and complaints team at your local NHS health board. Please see NHS Inform for contact information and further help.

Each health board will have a patient relations or complaints team that work with you, your family or carer to resolve any disputes or complaints about the quality of care you have received. 

Complain about your private care

If your treatment was funded by the NHS, you should refer to ‘Raise a concern about your treatment at a hospital or local service’ as outlined above.

If you received your care from a private provider, they will have their own individual complaints process that you can follow. We would encourage, should you feel comfortable in doing so, raising your concern with the practice manager of the hospital or clinic.

You can also complain about your private care to Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

Still not sure?

You can check if we’re the right people to handle your concern via our concerns tool.

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