Strategic Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum

What's its purpose?

We meet so that we can listen and respond to the experiences of doctors with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests.

The forum helps us meet our ED&I objectives by:

  • raising relevant issues and concerns to allow us to develop appropriate responses
  • commenting and advising on the development of our policies and strategies to enable us to be a fair regulator
  • giving us an opportunity to seek views on, and raise broader awareness of, our priorities and progress.

Read our terms of reference

Read our statement of commitment and values

Who sits on the forum?

We've invited organisations who represent doctors who share protected characteristics to meet with senior GMC leadership. These organisations share their understanding of the issues doctors may experience as a consequence of who they are.

When's the next forum meeting?

The second meeting of 2021 is due to take place virtually on Tuesday 21 September.