Viewing evaluation evidence

Viewing evidence

The evidence provided by the doctor is split into several area of competences. The area of competence listed will differ by specialty.

To view the evidence attached to an area of competence, click on the AoC hyperlink for that AoC.

Screenshot of the "evidence" screen from GMC Connect

Once you've navigated to an area of competence, the description of the evidence that should be supplied is displayed in the summary at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of some sample evidence in GMC Connect

Viewing a document

Underneath the summary is the documents table which is where the evidence provided for that area of competence is listed.

Screenshot of the evidence documents list
  1. The document reference number - Doc Ref # - is a unique identifier that can be used to reference evidence in an evaluation
  2. You can view a document by clicking on the - Document - link and following your system prompts to open the document
  3. Document Description - the description the doctor gave the piece of evidence when they uploaded it
You can view a document by clicking on the document link and following your system prompts to open the document. Once you've finished viewing the evidence in an area of competence, you can navigate to the previous or next area of competence section using the previous or next buttons located at the top and bottom of the documents table. If you want to return to the main evidence table, you should select the main button (located at the top of the documents table).
Screenshot of the 'add document' screen in GMC Connect

The time it take this to load is dependent on the document size. Once loaded, the page will refresh. You will be able to see the file that you have uploaded.

Screenshot from GMC Connect showing the 'evaluation documents' screen

If an error occurs and the file is not uploaded, you will see an error message in red text. This will explain the problem. If you cannot upload the file, contact your GMC Connect administrator for further guidance.