Getting started with GMC Connect

What is GMC Connect?

We are committed to the security of information, both ours and yours. GMC Connect is our system for managing the secure transfer of data, both into and out of the GMC. It allows us to share digital information with the various types of organisations and individuals that we work with from day to day.

How do I get access?

Initially we receive a request from a royal college or faculty to invite you to register for a GMC Connect account. We'll then send you a link to the user registration form. 

Completing the user registration form

Complete the form making sure you select the Royal College/Faculty - Certification user group.

You will need to choose a unique username. Your username is not case-sensitive, it will be visible to GMC users internally. So choose something you’re happy for others to see. You will need to tick the box to agree to the acceptable use policy.

When you've completed the form click the 'next' button. It can take a few seconds for all the data to be sent, so only click the button once.

Approving your user account

Once you've submitted your details, we'll review your request and aim to approve your user account within five days. You'll then get an email with a link to the GMC Connect login page and a password to login. It's helpful to save this page as an internet favourite. 

First time you login

At the login page you'll need to enter the username you chose and the password that was in the email we sent to you. After you click login, you'll be asked to change the password.