Guidance and forms

Accessing guidance and forms

The guidance and forms section is available from the left hand menu.

Screenshot of the GMC Connect menu highlighting the "guidance and forms" menu option

What information is stored in guidance and forms?

There is a variety of information available to you in this section, including GMC guidance, evaluation forms and details of meetings between the royal colleges, faculties and GMC.

To open a folder and view the documents within that folder, just select the view documents link.

Screenshot from the guidance and form folders section highlighting the "view documents" link

You can see all the files held in the folder, along with their description and the date that they were uploaded.

To download a file, click on the document name.

It's not possible for GMC Connect users to upload documents into the folders in the guidance and forms section. This area is just for sharing GMC literature and document templates.

Remember, to exit the section and navigate elsewhere in GMC Connect, don't use your browser back button, click on the left hand menu.

You will see various links on the screens to help pages and other guidance on our website. You can close these help pages without GMC Connect closing.

When you're finished using GMC Connect, click 'logout' on the right of the menu bar to exit.