Evaluation documents section

The evaluation form

The evaluation form and other supporting documents are stored in the evaluation documents table.

Downloading an evaluation document

To access the application evaluation form, click on the document name link. You will get the options to open the document or save it to a secure location.

Uploading a completed evaluation

Click the 'add document' button.

Click the browse button and locate the file that you have saved and want to upload to GMC Connect. Once you have selected the file, you must add a description.

The following should be used: Completed evaluation form for Dr <<INSERT LAST NAME>>

Click the upload button.

Depending on the document size, this may take 30-60 seconds to load. Once loaded, the page will refresh. You will be able to see the file that you have uploaded.

If an error occurs and the file is not uploaded, you will see an error message in red text. This will explain the problem. If you cannot upload the file, contact your GMC Connect administrator for further guidance.