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Question Item Report

The question item report allows users to break down individual question responses from the NTS. It can be used to look at results across multiple questions for as many different reporting options as necessary.

Using the reports

To generate a report select a 'Report by' option on the report home page. Only one 'Report by' can be selected at a time. Results are available in this view from 2021 onwards.

Once the 'Report by' option has been selected, further filters will appear to help you refine the report. You can select multiple years, questions and filter values, which will generate numeric results in a table format. To change the 'Report by' option, select the 'back' button on the dashboard to return to the report home page. The table is displayed question by question, with a breakdown of the results of your selected values first, followed by the UK wide results.

It's possible to export these results. As you hover your mouse over any table an ellipsis (three dots) will appear in the top right of the visual. Click on the ellipsis and select 'Export data'. Then choose, 'data with current layout' from the options and export.

Some answer options have been abbreviated on the tool for ease of reading. A list of the questions that make up the questionnaire, along with the full answer options can be found in our Resources and briefings archive.