Education data reporting tool help

Question Item Report

The question item report, comprising of a chart view and a table view, allows users to break down individual question responses from the NTS.

Using the reports

To generate a report in either view you must select a Report by, Survey year and Question category option from the filters on the report home page. Only one Report by and Survey year value can be selected at a time. Results are available in this view from 2018 onwards.

Once values are selected in each of the three main filters, further filters will appear to help you refine the report. Select any value or combinations of values here that you wish to see results for.

Once this is done, a filter to select the question appears. This is the final step to generate your report.

Some answer options have been abbreviated on the tool for ease of reading. A list of the questions that make up the questionnaire, along with the full answer options can be found in our Resources and briefings archive.  

Chart view

In the chart view, only one question at a time can be selected from the Question text filter. This will then generate a stacked horizontal bar chart based on the chosen selections with a UK wide value at the top. The UK wide value consists of every respondent in the survey who answered that question regardless of selected filters.

If no chart generates, this will mean that no trainees or trainers responded at all or less than 3 trainees or trainers responded to the selected question. If this happens but you believe that this should not be the case, please get in touch at  .

The chart that appears shows the distribution of answer responses by % of the number of responses. If you hover over a block of the bar chart, you’ll be able to see an exact % value for that answer option.

Due to the design of the report, if more than 20 filter options are selected and have responses for a selected question, the report will not generate in a usable format. Therefore, we recommend that in this view, selections are kept under 20. If any more are needed, the table view should be used instead.

Table view

In the table view, you can select multiple questions and filter values, which will generate numeric results in a table format.

This is displayed question by question, with a breakdown of the UK wide results first, followed by results of your selected values.

It’s possible to export these results using the button at the bottom of the table view page.

Changing view or Report by selection

Due to the design of the reports, in order to select a different Report by option when already viewing another, any previously selected unrelated filters need to be cleared first. This can be done either by manually deselecting any selections in the filters, or by using the Clear filters button on each report page (this will also clear the Survey year and Question category selection).