The reflective practitioner - workshop

Use the material on this page to deliver case study-led workshops which explore how and why we use reflection, and the methods we can use to do it successfully.

Workshop aims

  • improve the quality of personal reflection using appropriate frameworks, and of an appraisal or supervision discussion around a specific incident
  • know what and how to appropriately document a reflection and the supervision discussion
  • promote the use of reflection for personal development and learning, and in quality improvement and improving patient safety
  • demonstrate the benefits of being a reflective practitioner.

The slide packs

There are two slide packs with different case study videos, designed to cater for different audiences:

  • Doctor in training and supervisor in acute setting
  • GP and appraiser in community setting

We recommend that you review both, along with the reflective practitioner guidance, and then select the most appropriate package for your target audience.


How to use the slide packs:

  1. Print off the separate scenario sheet for the chosen case study, to be shared with the group and read before they watch the first video in the slide pack
  2. each slide set has facilitator notes included
  3. after the session, ask the attendees to complete this evaluation questionnaire. They can also access it by scanning this QR code

Please note: The content of the slides should not be altered without prior permission from the GMC.

If you have issues with permissions when playing the videos, please follow these instructions to allow your computer to play the videos.