The Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme is a two-year training programme for doctors who have just graduated from medical school.

It gives doctors in training experience in a range of different areas of medicine.

Doctors on the Foundation Programme are responsible for caring for patients under the supervision of more experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals.

After finishing the Foundation Programme, doctors choose an area of medicine to focus their training on. This may be a specialty or it may be general practice.

For the first year of the Foundation Programme (F1), doctors are provisionally registered with the GMC. During this year they must show that they have met the outcomes in Outcomes for provisionally registered doctors before they are eligible to apply for full registration.

In the second year of the Foundation Programme (F2) doctors are fully registered with the GMC. They still work under supervision but start to take on more responsibility for patient care.

Outcomes for provisionally registered doctors sets out the outcomes that F1 doctors must demonstrate before they are eligible to apply for full registration with a licence to practise.

Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training sets out the standards that Foundation Programme providers must meet.

The curriculum

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges developed the curriculum for the Foundation Programme which all doctors in training in the UK follow.

We have approved the foundation curriculum. This means that it meets our standards for training and content for the Foundation Programme.

Provisionally registered doctors will be able to show they have met the outcomes needed for full registration by successfully completing the requirements of the curriculum.

How can I apply?

The UK Foundation Programme Office deals with recruitment to the Foundation Programme. You can find more information on the UK Foundation Programme Office website.

Training outside the UK and managing absences

Our key documents page gives more information about how we approve foundations training and new training programmes for provisionally registered doctors outside the UK. It also gives information about absences from training.