Outcomes for provisionally registered doctors

Outcomes for provisionally registered doctors (originally published in The Trainee Doctor) sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours that foundation year one doctors must be able to show before being eligible to apply for full registration.

Inside Outcomes for provisionally registered doctors

  • Good clinical care
  • Maintaining good medical practice
  • Teaching and training, appraising and assessing
  • Relationships with patients
  • Working with colleagues
  • Probity
  • Your Health
  • Core clinical and procedural skills for provisionally registered doctors
  • The legal framework for programmes for provisionally registered doctors


The outcomes and the associated list of core clinical and procedural skills were published in The Trainee Doctor (2011).

The Trainee Doctor also included standards for postgraduate training which have been replaced by Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training published in July 2015.

Who should read this document
This document is for foundation year one doctors, and those involved with their training.

Why you need this document
Provisionally registered doctors cannot achieve full registration without first being able to demonstrate these outcomes.