On the day of the hearing

On arrival at the hearing centre, please go to the MPTS reception on the seventh floor. A member of MPTS staff will show you to the main witness waiting area. We’ll come to meet you as soon as possible and introduce you to our barrister who will be presenting our case.

The hearing centre has separate waiting areas for witnesses, and there are processes in place to reduce the likelihood of you meeting the doctor. However, there’s still a small chance that you will see the doctor in public areas of the building.

We’ll try to minimise the time you have to wait before giving evidence. There will also be breaks in the hearing for various reasons, but we’ll be keep you updated. We’ll let you know when you’re able to pop out to get some food or fresh air.

Please not to discuss the case or your evidence with anyone else while waiting. This could compromise the case and affect the outcome of the hearing.

When it’s your turn to give evidence, a member of MPTS staff will collect you and go with you to the hearing room.

The MPTS’ website provides more detail about who will be in the hearing room, what happens during the hearing, and how to give evidence.

After giving evidence

Once you’ve finished giving evidence, we’ll come and meet you and explain what will happen next in the hearing. We can also help you complete an expenses claim form before you leave. If you are not able to speak with us before you leave for the day, we’ll be in touch with you shortly after.

If you wish to stay to watch the rest of the hearing, please let us know and we’ll show you where to sit. If you choose to attend the hearing on days you’re not giving evidence, you’ll need to meet your own expenses.