Giving a statement - help for witnesses

We’ll contact you to discuss how you can assist our investigation and arrange a convenient time to take your statement. We’ll give you a named point of contact who you can speak to at any stage.

Speaking with us

We usually take statements over the phone or by Skype video call, but sometimes we’ll prefer to meet with you in person at a location that’s convenient for you. This might be when your statement covers things that are particularly sensitive, or if there are lots of documents to go through.

You’re welcome to bring someone with you to the interview. They can sit with you and provide moral support, but won’t be able to answer questions on your behalf. Just let us know so we can check they’re not also a potential witness.

You can answer our questions based on your own recollections, or by referring to documents you hold. We may ask you about details such as dates and times, but if you can’t remember, just let us know – it’s not a memory test.

Writing and reviewing your statement

We’ll take notes during the interview and use these to write your witness statement once we’re back at the office. We’ll then send you a draft statement to review. We may also arrange a call to clarify any outstanding points and talk about any changes you’d like to make. After that, we’ll send you a final version of your statement to sign and date.

Please don’t discuss the contents of your statement with anyone else before or after the interview. It’s important that your account is based on your own recollections.