Before the hearing

After deciding to refer the case to a hearing, we’ll ask you about your availability to attend in person. We’ll also talk to you about any needs and reasonable adjustments that would help you to give evidence. We’ll ask the MPTS to take your availability into account when scheduling the hearing. 

Once the MPTS has scheduled the hearing, we’ll let you know the dates to keep free. We’ll usually ask you to keep several days free until we know the exact date and time we need you to attend. If you become unavailable on any of those dates, you should let us know as soon as possible.

Your needs

Around three to four weeks before the hearing we’ll contact you to confirm the exact date and time of your attendance.
If you're giving evidence in person at the hearing centre we'll:

  • ask you about your travel, accommodation and any other needs
  • make any necessary bookings for you
  • explain what expenses you can claim, and how to do so.

If you're giving evidence remotely by video link, we'll:

  • complete a video link test call with you in advance of you giving evidence
  • make sure you’ve got the Microsoft Teams meeting link to join the hearing and to give evidence.

The hearing centre

If you're attending in person, the MPTS hearing centre is located in St James’s Buildings, Oxford Street, Manchester.

You can find more information about the MPTS hearing centre, and watch a video to help familiarise yourself with what will happen on the day, on the MPTS website.