When we will redirect your complaint

Sometimes we won't treat your concern as a customer complaint. This is usually if it would be better to address your complaint through one of our other formal processes.

This may be the case in the following situations.

Doctors with a statutory right of appeal

The Medical Act 1983 gives doctors the right to appeal a number of decisions about registration and training, licensing and revalidation, and fitness to practise.

Find out how to appeal these decisions.

Freedom of information or data protection issues

Complaints about these issues are handled by our Information Access team.

Find out how to access information.

Appealing the result of a Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test

If you’ve taken the PLAB test and think your marks have been wrongly transcribed or want to appeal your result, you can do so.

Find out how to appeal your PLAB result.

Appealing a decision made about a doctor's fitness to practise

We can review the following decisions under Rule 12 of our Fitness to Practise Rules.

  • To take no further action following an initial review of a complaint about a doctor.
  • Not to refer a complaint about a doctor to a medical practitioners tribunal
  • To agree undertakings with the doctor or give the doctor a warning.

Find out about the actions we can take on a doctor's registration.

Anyone with an interest in the decision can ask for a review – such as the doctor complained about or the person who made the complaint. We can only review the decision under Rule 12 if:

  • the decision may be materially flawed, or that there’s new information which might have led to a different decision
  • a review is necessary for the protection of the public, the prevention of injustice to the practitioner or necessary in the public interest, and
  • the decision was taken less than two years previously (unless the circumstances are exceptional).

We will only ever review a case if there is a serious mistake with the decision which, if corrected, could lead to a different outcome. Or if there is significant new information that we haven’t seen before, which might have led to a different decision. We would then only review if at least one of those grounds was met and a review is necessary to protect the wider public. Any review needs to start within two years of the original decision, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please provide as much information as you can about your request. If you need to send further documents or are unable to use this form, please email rule12@gmc-uk.org setting out your reasons for requesting a review.

Complaints about how we’ve exercised our statutory functions

Sometimes, dealing with a complaint under our customer complaints procedure will interfere with our consideration of concerns about a doctor, or our investigation of their eligibility for registration; particularly where they are closely connected to the complaint.

When we think there's a risk of an adverse impact of that kind, we'll still address your concerns. But we may exercise our discretion to do so within the process in which you are already engaged, rather than separately, as a customer complaint.