Postgraduate standards and guidance

The GMC is responsible for setting the standards and outcomes for postgraduate medical education and training. This involves keeping the standards and requirements under review, preparing additional guidance, and considering how our functions could develop, as well as keeping trainee doctors and others informed about our role.

The Trainee Doctor

The Trainee Doctor (pdf) consolidates the foundation and specialty including GP standards for training, and incorporates the standards for deaneries. There is now one set of standards for all postgraduate medical education and training, from the Foundation Programme to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), published in one document.

The Trainee Doctor integrates the mandatory requirements, criteria, responsibility, evidence and guidance for foundation and specialty, including GP training previously published in the Generic standards for specialty including GP training (revised April 2010); the Standards for deaneries (revised April 2010); and The New Doctor (published 2009). These documents can be found in the Foundation Programme archive and the Specialty including GP training archive.

New standards

We began reviewing our standards for medical education and training in 2013 and have drafted new standards that will cover both undergraduate and postgraduate education and training.

Our consultation on the draft education and training standards closed on 24 March 2015 and we will publish the new standards in July 2015.

Specialty including GP standards and requirements

The GMC sets the standards for curricula and assessment systems for postgraduate medical education and training: