Have an annual whole practice appraisal

It is your responsibility to have an annual appraisal which:

Our guidance will help you understand what you need to do for appraisal. Our appraisal framework, based on Good medical practice, explains the professional values you need to demonstrate you are meeting in your appraisal.

If you have a designated body they will make sure you have an appraisal and your responsible officer will make your recommendation. You must use the appraisal system provided by your designated body, unless your responsible officer agrees alternative arrangements with you.

If you have a suitable person they will help you access an appraisal for your revalidation and will make your recommendation. You must have an appraisal that your suitable person has agreed is sufficient for your revalidation.

You should contact your responsible officer or suitable person if you are not sure whether your appraisal is sufficient for your revalidation, or to discuss the recommendation they are making about you.

You might want to consider keeping evidence of the supporting information you have discussed at all your appraisals since you last revalidated. You might be asked for evidence of this later by any new responsible officer, suitable person, or by us if you lose your connection, to verify you have met all requirements for revalidation.