Switching to paperless revalidation notices

You can now choose to go paperless and receive your revalidation notices by email only.

This includes updates about your revalidation as well as those sent to you when you enter a licence withdrawal process. Currently, all revalidation notices are sent to you by post, as well as by email. 

If you’d rather receive your revalidation notices by email only – and help to reduce our carbon footprint – switch to paperless in your preferences in GMC Online. 

An icon of blue and orange leaves with the words "Go paperless"

How do I switch to paperless revalidation notices?

You can switch to paperless revalidation notices in your GMC Online account or if you prefer, you can call us and ask us to update this for you.

Switching to paperless notices in GMC Online is easy. Once you’ve logged into your GMC Online account:

  • Go to 'My Details' in the left hand menu.
  • Under the 'Communication Preferences' section choose 'Change my preference'.
  • You can then change the 'Receive paperless revalidation notices' preference to Yes.
  • To complete the process click on 'Save'.