Finding an appraiser

Appraisals for doctors without a responsible officer or suitable person must be robust, consistent, and focus on the requirements for safe and effective practice in the UK.

The person who conducts your appraisal must:

  • hold GMC registration with a licence to practise (check the registration status of your appraiser on the medical register)
  • have a prescribed connection to a designated body or a suitable person that we have approved (check your appraiser’s connection on the medical register)
  • be up to date with their appraiser training 
  • carry out appraisals for a designated body or suitable person
  • have carried out at least five appraisals in the 12 months immediately before your appraisal
  • be discussing and reflecting on their role as an appraiser as part of their own whole practice appraisal
  • not have a conflict of interest with you
  • understand the context, scope and nature of work you do
  • not be in the process of having their licence withdrawn.

You need to provide a report on your appraisal, wholly completed and signed by your appraiser, as part of your annual return.

Download the REV12 revalidation appraiser report form

We'll verify the information in this report and may contact your appraiser directly.

Having an appraisal when you are outside the UK or not able to have one in person.

You can have an appraisal by video link if you are not able to have an appraisal in person. There are companies that offer this service. You can find them by doing an online search for ‘UK Medical Appraisals’. Please make sure your appraiser meets the criteria set out above, which can also be found in paragraph 4.3 of our Guidance for doctors: requirements for revalidation and maintaining your licence.