The revalidation assessment for doctors without a responsible officer or approved suitable person

This guide supports doctors who have been asked to undertake the revalidation assessment. It includes information about:

  • the use of an assessment to evaluate your fitness to practise
  • booking and taking the assessment

As you do not have a responsible officer or suitable person, we require a degree of independent assurance about your fitness to practise that would normally be provided by the revalidation recommendation process. As part of gaining this assurance we may ask you to take an assessment. Information on when you will need to take the assessment, and what happens if you don't book or pass your assessment is available in our revalidation guidance for doctors.  

You must fulfil the requirements outlined in that guidance. Meeting these requirements, within the timescales we specify, means you can continue to hold a licence to practise. 

If you're not sure if this guide applies to you, please use our connection tool.