Completing and submitting your annual return

  1. Having an annual whole practice appraisal
  2. Completing and submitting your annual return

What to include in your annual return

Sending us a complete and accurate annual return is an important part of the governance process for doctors without a connection to a responsible officer or suitable person.

Your annual return must include a range of evidence, including (but not limited to):

  • your employment or practice history
  • evidence of your good standing (eg a certificate of good standing if you work overseas, or a statement of good standing from any previous employer)
  • fitness to practise and health declarations
  • details of your annual appraisals, to show your continuing engagement with revalidation.

When to submit your annual return

We'll usually ask you to submit an annual return once a year. We will give you at least three months’ notice that your annual return is due. Once you get this notice, you can complete and submit your annual return at any time before, or on, the due date.

Please read our guidance on submitting an annual return before starting your application as it will take time to gather the evidence you need.

You must:

  • submit your annual return through your GMC Online account by the date we specify
  • complete all mandatory fields
  • give a reasonable excuse if you are unable to give us any of the information we ask for
  • contact us if you need help to use the online system
  • pay a fee when you submit your annual return, to cover our costs in reviewing your evidence.
  • send us any information we request from you or your appraiser (after we have considered your annual return) within 28 days of our request. If you can’t comply with our request within this timeframe, you must tell us and explain why
  • engage with all parts of the process and fulfil the requirements of revalidation.

What will happen if you don't meet these requirements

If you don't meet these requirements, and do not give us a reasonable excuse, we will begin the process of withdrawing your licence to practise.


  • will take steps to verify the information in your annual return
  • may contact you, your appraiser, your employer, or the medical regulatory authority in any other country in which you are currently registered
  • may also carry out additional quality assurance of your appraisals.

It's important that you keep the information about your appraiser and appraisals, as we may need this before we can revalidate you.

In exceptional circumstances we may ask you to submit more than one annual return in a year. For example, if we consider you have a reasonable excuse which explains why you have been unable to meet all of the requirements for your revalidation, it may be appropriate to give you more time. In these circumstances, we may ask you to send us another annual return in less than 12 months.