Processing and granting your application

Five working days for our initial assessment

We aim to carry out an initial assessment within five working days. 

The information in your application is valid for three months. This is the maximum we can keep your application open.

We’ll contact you if we need more information

When we have your documents and information we may ask you for more evidence. We may also refer your application for advice. We’ll let you know if we do this.

If we can’t process your application, we'll tell you why or we may ask you for more evidence and information.

If we have concerns about your fitness to practise, we might refer your application to a case examiner. We’ll let you know if we do this.

When we grant your application

Once you've completed your identity check and we've granted your application, your name will be restored to the register, and the Specialist or GP register if you held that type of registration before.

You must make sure that you hold the correct type of registration for the post you are undertaking.