Do I need to restore with or without a licence?

Do you need registration with or without a licence to practise?

When you apply, you'll have to choose to restore to the register with or without a licence to practise. The application process is the same for both.

Restore to the register with a licence to practise 

If you restore to the register with a licence to practise, you'll need to participate in revalidation and meet all our requirements.

Restore to the register with your first licence

If you have not previously held a licence, you can apply for your first licence when applying to restore your registration. 

Restore to the register without a licence to practise

If you restore to the register without a licence to practise, you won't be able to perform any of the duties reserved by law for doctors who hold a licence to practise.

Restore to the register if you previously held provisional registration

If you're restoring your provisional registration without a licence, you won't be able to complete your F1 training, but you'll be using up the remainder of your allocated days.

You previously held GP registration

If you are a:

  • GP returning to general practice in England and Wales
  • GP who qualified overseas who has never worked in the NHS

you are required to complete The Induction and Refresher Scheme. The scheme is mandatory for any GP who falls into either of those categories. It supports the safe return to work after a break in practice and gives guidance to those from overseas, who are new to NHS practice. It can also offer bursaries and supervised placements in general practice.

To find out more, contact the GP National Recruitment Office. Similar programmes are also available in Scotland, co-ordinated by the NHS Education for Scotland's GP careers advice service.

If you want to work as a GP in the UK, you must also apply to be included on the Performers List.