What support is available?

We want you to be able to perform to the best of your ability during the assessment. And we're keen that you get adequate guidance and support during what may be a stressful process.

You may wish to contact the Doctors Support Service, which offers confidential emotional support to any doctor involved in a fitness to practise case.

If you're a member of a medical defence organisation or professional organisation, such as the British Medical Association (BMA), they may be able to provide or direct you to advice and support.

The assessment team must maintain a formal relationship with you throughout the process, but they will do what they can to put you at ease. They will explain each stage of the assessment to you and give you the chance to ask questions. Your performance assessment officer will give you details of your assessment, including a timetable, in advance. They will be happy to talk you through each stage. They will also attend the assessment where they can answer your questions.

Regular breaks will be scheduled, however you can also ask for a break at any time.

Bringing a supporter

You're welcome to bring a supporter with you. They can keep you company during scheduled breaks and can attend the first, second and third interviews, if these are part of your assessment. Their role during these interviews will be to support and encourage you, but they can’t act as your advocate. They can't answer questions on your behalf, but they can intervene if they feel you would benefit from a few minutes to collect your thoughts, or if you have not understood a question. If you are going to bring a supporter, please let us know in advance.

Adjusting the assessment to meet your needs

We aim to conduct assessments in a way which meets the needs of those participating in them.  It is important that you tell us about any health conditions or disabilities that might affect your ability to sit the assessment.  The GMC will make reasonable adjustments for practitioners with a disability.  We will also endeavour to meet religious, health or other needs. 

You'll be asked about any adjustments you might need in the Portfolio we'll ask you to complete.