What information will your assessors have?

Information we’ll give to the assessment team

Before we schedule your assessment or appoint assessors, we’ll ask you to complete a portfolio detailing your experience and recent practice. The information you give us in the portfolio helps us to select appropriate medical assessors. It also helps the assessment team plan an assessment based on the work you do, appropriate to your experience. If your assessment includes formal examinations your portfolio will also be used to select these. It's therefore in your interests to complete the portfolio.

We'll also give the assessment team copies of:

  • the decision directing the assessment (this will state the known areas of concern)
  • your current undertakings
  • your supervisors' most recent reports
  • any other relevant information.

We won't disclose any allegations or information about misconduct or your health. If there are health or personal difficulties that you would like the assessors to know about because they are relevant to the assessment, you can give this information in your portfolio.