What happens after the assessment?

During the assessment you will not receive any feedback on your performance. 

After the assessment, the team leader drafts a report, based on the comments recorded by the assessment team and results of any tests of competence. The whole team will discuss the draft report, including the findings and recommendations.

Due to the volume of data gathered, it will take the team several weeks to produce their report. They will be able to give you an indication of how long it will take at the end of your assessment.

The assessment team will submit their report to us and we will share it with you and your legal representative as soon as we can. We will also disclose the report to your employer.

Following the assessment, the case will be passed to a decision maker to consider whether your undertakings should be revised or removed. They will consider all of the information that has been gathered since you agreed your undertakings, not just the assessors’ report.

If the report identifies new or on going concerns, the decision maker may vary your existing restrictions or open a new investigation.

The assessors' report

The report should describe your professional performance in a fair and balanced way. Although the assessment is tailored to the known concerns, the report will include all of the assessors' findings.

It will be divided into four sections:

1. Formal opinion

The assessment team are asked to answer the following questions:

  • Has the standard of the practitioner's professional performance been deficient?
  • Is the practitioner fit to practise either generally, on a limited basis, or not at all?   

2. Summary and Recommendations

The recommendations will depend on the answer to the second question above.

If you are found fit to practise generally:

The assessment team will recommend that any restrictions on your practice are lifted.

If you are found fit to practise on a limited basis:

The assessment team will make recommendations. These are likely to be variations to your undertakings. They may be relaxed or they may be tightened in order to ensure patient safety or bring your performance up to the expected standard. The recommendations will be written with reference our undertakings bank and glossary of terms

3. Conduct of the assessment

This section contains background information on your practice, the assessment team and the conduct of the assessment.

4. Findings

This section of the report describes your performance under the assessment categories. The assessment team will describe your performance in the areas of known concern and any other categories where they gathered sufficient evidence to reach a conclusion.

Under each category they include, the assessment team will:

  • explain the evidence available to them
  • describe and give examples of the aspects of your performance that they have found to be acceptable, and any that were unacceptable
  • include the results of relevant tests of competence
  • give an overall assessment of whether your performance in the category has been unacceptable, acceptable or cause for concern.

The overall assessment may not reflect the number of items of evidence graded as acceptable or unacceptable because the assessment is qualitative, not quantitative. The overall conclusion takes account of patterns of performance and the importance of each item of evidence. For example, significant weight will be given to evidence of performance that may put patients at risk. 

The findings section will also include the results of any tests of competence you sat.

There are also appendices that will include help with interpreting the results and a printout of all of the comments and judgements recorded by the assessors.