How we monitor sanctions

If we agree undertakings with you, or if an MPTS tribunal directs conditions or a suspension, we'll monitor your compliance with the restrictions.

In practice, this means we'll speak to your medical supervisor (a specialist who reports to us on your progress under treatment, if applicable), your responsible officer, and anyone involved in monitoring your sanctions.

To help us decide whether to change, extend or remove your sanctions, we may also ask you to undergo further assessments, such as health or performance assessments.

Monitoring undertakings

During the monitoring period, we'll regularly assess whether your undertakings are still fit for purpose. When we do this, we can decide to remove or revise the undertakings with your agreement. If we can’t agree on revisions (we call them variations), we may refer your case to the MPTS.

If you fail to comply with undertakings, we'll refer you to the MPTS for a hearing. We would also do this if we believed your health or performance had deteriorated to the point where undertakings are no longer appropriate, or if we receive information that led to further concerns about your practice.

Monitoring conditions

In most cases, the MPTS will schedule a review hearing at the same time that it imposes conditions on your practice. This review hearing will decide whether to extend, change or remove these restrictions.

If you fail to comply with conditions, we will refer to the MPTS for an early review hearing.