Referral for a hearing at the MPTS

We will refer the doctor to a medical practitioners tribunal hearing at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) where:

  • the allegations against the doctor suggest such a serious failure of the doctor to meet our standards that, if proven, their fitness to practise would be impaired. These would include:
    • sexual assault or indecency
    • violence
    • improper sexual or emotional relationships
    • knowingly practising without a licence
    • unlawfully discrimination
    • dishonest and gross negligence
    • recklessness about a risk of serious harm to patients.
  • a doctor has received a custodial or non-custodial conviction, caution or a determination from another regulatory body
  • a doctor refuses to agree undertakings.

The MPTS operates a public hearing service and their decisions are fully independent of our investigations.

If a medical practitioners tribunal hearing finds that a doctor’s fitness to practise is impaired, it can:

  • take no action
  • agree to undertakings offered by the doctor at hearing
  • put conditions on the doctor’s registration, which restricts what a doctor is allowed to do
  • stop a doctor from working as a doctor for a set period of time (suspension)
  • erase the doctor from the medical register to stop them practising (erasure).

If a tribunal hearing finds a doctor is not impaired, it may still issue a warning to the doctor.

The MPTS website has more information about tribunals and the actions that can be taken.