How much will it cost to access information

How much does it cost to get a publication?

We don't normally charge for providing information under our publication scheme. And we try to make most of our published information available on our website.

However, if you want a hard copy or the information is only available in hard copy, there might be a charge.

Printouts and photocopies

Single copies of GMC and Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) printed publications are available for free. 

To order printed copies of publications, please:

We reserve the right to charge you for providing hard copies. This also applies if you ask for multiple copies, large numbers of documents or information which is archived and no longer on our website.

Charges will be based on costs of retrieval, photocopying, printing and postage. We will let you know how much this will cost at the time of your request and you'll need to pay in advance.

Where charges are applied, black and white photocopies and printouts of web pages or documents will be charged at a standard rate of 10p per A4 side of paper, plus postage.

What do you charge for postage?

We charge postage to applicants at cost. Unless otherwise requested, information will be sent by Royal Mail second class post.

Waiving fees

We don't normally charge for simple requests for information under our publication scheme. For example, we usually waive fees where the associated costs are less than £50. This is per applicant per 12-month period. But, we do reserve the right to review our position on charging. 

How much do transcripts cost?

You can make a request to have a hearing transcribed. While hearings are digitally recorded we do not always produce written transcripts for each. Therefore, costs can vary.

How much does it cost for transcripts we already hold?

It will normally cost around £200 for the first three days of a hearing or £2.25 +VAT per page. This cost includes quality checking and redacting any non-public information. It also includes archive retrieval and photocopying or scanning. This charge applies for paper and electronic transcripts. Postage and packaging costs will apply for hard copies.

How much does it cost for transcripts that need to be produced? 

It will normally cost approximately £700–800 +VAT for each day of the hearing. There will be a further cost associated with quality checking the transcript against the recording.

Which hearings can I request to be transcribed?

To request transcripts of MPTS hearings please complete the form Request a hearing transcript on the MPTS website.

To request Registration Appeal transcripts, please email

To request Public Investigation Committee Hearing transcripts, please email